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The Abyss and its Eldritch inhabitants.

The Abyss, or Tehom, is an unfathomably deep, boundless space, believed to have presumably existed before Creation had taken form, in an age before all ages. The term comes from the Greek ἄβυσσος, meaning bottomless, unfathomable, and boundless.


In the original sense of the Hebrew Tehom, the abyss was the primordial waters or chaos out of which the ordered world was created. It is believed that from the abyss flows the ocean of metaphysical yet non-existential matter which Chaos reigned over for eons before the creation of primal matter by God.

The archangel Gabriel describes the Abyss as a "basement that's below the basement" just as he describes Limbo as being the "nonsensical attic" of the universe, though the latter is separate from Heaven, which he regards more as " the never ending sky above all creation". When Enoch was shown the realms that lay beyond the material plane, he was taken to the Abyss with Uriel as his guide where he described it as absolute emptiness and nothingness, far from God and light.

The Abyss is also a realm bordering Hell, and is revealed to be a place where most of the Ogdru Hem reside. Sir Edward Grey described the Abyss as the endless black void within the Sea of Chaos, forever whirling far below Heaven, Earth, and even Hell, whos borders collide with the far realm known as Outerverse, home of the Ogdru jahad. Demons who rebel against the leadership of Satan find themselves banished to this realm.


When Lucifer and his rebel angels fell from Heaven, a handful of the fallen celestials landed not on Earth, but instead in a place obscured and forgotten by all of creation, a barren wasteland of everything in creation that been discarded by God, the edge of existence.

A preexisting rupture in the fabric of reality sprawled out across this land, its depths completely shrouded in a darkness so endless that it could break minds simply by being observed. It is said that the impact of the fallen upon this pre-existing fissure created a chain reaction which twisted the wasteland surrounding the Abyss into a blazing inferno, and awakened ancient evils slumbering deep within the abyssal chasm. The Abyssal inhabitants known as the Prime Evils are said to have come to power during this time, siding with the Ogdru Hem and sparking a war against the forces of Lucifer in a bid to claim dominion the newly established kingdom.

Certain regions of the Abyss also acted as a prison reserved for only those that have no chance of redemption with the Almighy. In one certain case, it is the Watchers, a host of angels that fornicated with human women to create the Nephilim, and as punishment for their transgressions, they were chained in a region of the Abyss which became known as Sheol.


Besides the Ogdru Hem, there are other strange and eldritch creatures of all shapes and sizes that inhabit the many lairs of the Abyss, some resembling jellyfish and cephalopods. Whether they are related to the Old Ones is unclear but given that the Old Ones are believed to be the original inhabitants of the Abyss, it is highly likely. These creatures also appear to be native to the Abyss making them older than angels and gods.

Some "demons" have also come inhabit the abyss, adapting well to the various chaotic lairs that can be found within the deep chasm, though only the strongest survive these hostile environments. Creatures that linger within the abyss will find their physiology being slowly warped by the realm, progressively becoming more bizarre in form until fully transforming into an abomination.

Notable Inhabitants