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No matter how good you are, how hard you work, how moral you are, sooner or later bad things are going to happen. Because this is the world we live in. The real world. A world full of gods and monsters. People are better off dealing with normal bad things because that's where they grew up. But people like us? We grew up in this side of the world. And putting effort into how we deal with it will determine how good we are in keeping these naive people safe.
~ Abigail Hawkins

Abigail Spencer Hawkins is the head of the Unnatural Analysis Unit, or the Nightstalkers, which is a highly classified branch of the the FBI tasked with investigating murders and occurrences relating to the supernatural then destroying the forces behind them.


Abigail assumed control of the Nightstalkers after the death of her father showing that much like other hereditary organizations, control of Nightstalkers is determined by blood. In Abigail's case it is especially prominent as it is believed that she is a descendant of Saint George himself. Initially, however, some have doubted her ability to lead, citing her age and lack of experience but Abigail, however, has proven herself in the past years, both as a leader and a capable fighter.

Given the horrors of what is to come when taking over the Nightstalkers, Abigail has experienced and witnessed some of the worst kinds of evil, both human and inhuman, with a steeled resolve and unwavering determination to bring an irredeemable killer to justice or destroy an unnatural entity/being that threatens the safety of the people of New York.

Despite her position and the stress that comes with having to deal with politics and bureaucracy, Abigail still continues to be a capable leader and provides the support and confidence that her teammates need when faced with insurmountable odds. She and her team were instrumental in the investigation of the murders committed by Al Simmons, as well as the summoning of the Abomination of Desolation, which eventually had them being tied to a massive conspiracy involving the Illuminati.


Abigail is a young Caucasian woman with blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair that is tucked behind her ear on one side. She wears a white dress shirt with an FBI patch on the right side with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, long blue jeans, tall high-heeled shoes, and a gun holster mounted on the side of her chest. She also has a utility belt with her FBI badge and equipment. She would also be seen wearing a black leather jacket and tall black boots.


Being the head of the Unnatural Analysis Unit, Abigail was groomed and trained to be fitting leader that exerts air of authority and respect whenever she would walk in a room. Many of her agents state that Abigail has two sides to her; the "job" side and the "soft" side. When it comes to the former character trait, Abigail is portrayed as a consummate organizer, disciplined and demanding, displaying a continuous urgency about the investigation she pursues. This part of her personality had made her agents schedule the time of when she would enter a room with such a demeanor while gathering all the information that they have collected from the investigation. However, when it comes to her "soft" side, Abigail is portrayed as being humble and understanding yet with a subtle undertone of authority regardless as a way for those around her to understand that she is still their superior.

Abigail is quite caring and protective of her teammates and friends, viewing the former as family especially since she is an only child. Perhaps her closest relationship is with her most powerful agent, Derous, as she and the dragon have almost sibling-like relationship with the two often playfully teasing each other. While he is regarded as a weapon for the Nightstalkers, Abigail views him as anything but that. This also shows that she has a sense of humor although dry in most cases. Abigail is also known for always remaining calm and cool, especially when dealing bureaucratic and political nonsense. Ivan Romanov both factually and jokingly states that her tolerance is much higher than his own when it comes to dealing with that department. As a result, it is almost impossible to truly make her angry but when that happens the outcome is never "pretty" according to Lucas Woods. Due to her attitude and resolve, she is acknowledged as one of the "best interrogators in law enforcement" and has occasionally been requested by external agencies to conduct interrogations. Hawkins has little patience for the "politics" and bureaucracy her job entails, usually leaving that aspect to her director, and prefers to be out in the field working with her agents.

While Hawkins at first can be seen as steadfast, orderly, and by-the-book she is has shown on a few occasions that she is not afraid to bend the rules when times are desperate. In the beginning she was against it though she will have no choice but to resort to such tactics only if convinced by Lucas and her other close associates. Abigail has a habit of slapping the members of her team in the back of the head when displeased with their performance or, if they get sidetracked on another topic, to get them focused back on the case. Lucas and Derous are usually the recipient, due to their outlandish behavior and offensive remarks. While she has seen some of the worst of the worst the world has to offer, Abigail can still be taken aback by the monstrous and sociopathic criminals she would deal with. Witnessing such gruesome scenes of murder committed by humans led Abigail to believe that humans are often worse than demons, a statement shared by Dante. She also understands how corrupt and biased the justice system can be as there have been several instances where individuals accused of a felony or a crime have allowed to roam free despite the evidence presented with politicians being the more frustrating subjects. This was evident in her interrogation with Spawn when he was finally captured and brought to the Global Occult Coalition, telling him that murdering these criminals is not justice only for Spawn to rebuke her by saying that she does not believe that and is only convincing herself of that while deep down that there are criminals that deserve to be put down and Spawn was doing them a favor.