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I resented and hated him for the longest time. I begged and demanded the Heavens to make him and his ilk suffer. And I'll be honest...that frightened me. These thoughts of wishing death and suffering over my brother and his kin, they were terrible. I didn't understand at first. I was too consumed by it. But I do now. I never gloated or boasted about my successes. Because the love for my brother and family always came first.
~ Abel

Abel, like his older brother Cain, was one of the first children, as well as being the second son of, Adam and Eve, the progenitors of the human race.

Surprisingly, little is known about Abel throughout his life, but according to those whom known him more than the scholars depict, he was known to be righteous and one of pure heart and devotion to those who are deserving of it.



Abel was born alongside Cain from Adam and Eve although he was unaware of the fact that Cain was a child of Samael and Eve. Abel lived a relatively peaceful life alongside his brother Cain, however, due to Abel's love for his elder brother, he was unfortunately naive to see that Cain was beginning to show signs of envy from the fact that God was favoring Abel over him.

Despite the seemingly act of favoritism, however, Abel showed no signs of pride for it, and would never boast of it towards his brother. Instead simply treating him as an equal and even would request that God would allow Cain's crops to be eternally nutritious for centuries to come. Yet despite all that, this did not quell Cain's jealousy. Cain himself was also unaware of the fact that he was the son of Satan which is more than likely the reason why God favored Abel over Cain.

Catalyst of the Cycle

Things eventually took a turn for the worst when the two brothers presented their gifts to God; Abel's was a lamb since being a shepherd, and Cain's being wheat since being a farmer. God made His choice clear by burning the lamb and leaving Cain's gift. Later on Cain, now under the influence of the mark and his rage, lead Abel to a remote area with the younger brother completely unaware of his fate. And sure enough, his fate has been sealed as Cain fatally struck Abel and thus killing him. Abel's death was cemented as being the first ever murder to be committed by man. He was then buried in Eden by Uriel and other angels.

Abel's Curse

When God took wind of this event, he cursed Abel's blood as it soaked Cain's feet and the Earth itself. The curse would forever be soaked into the roots and soil of the Earth, and would remind that any who so foolishly commit the act of killing one's brother out of jealousy would suffer a fate some consider worse than death. Abel's blood is said to be the manifestation of vengeance, crying out for the destruction of Cain's seed.

However, it is unknown whether this was Abel's own spirit pleading for vengeance against Cain and his lineage or it was a product of God's fury against Cain's heinous actions. The latter is the more plausible given that throughout their lives, and in Cain's own words, Abel never held any animosity towards Cain and always treated him as an equal. Moreover, Abel would not arrogantly boast of his accomplishments and God's liking towards him either though him speaking of the matter would not help Cain in quelling his jealousy and anger. While Abel may have been bitter and quite hurt towards Cain for such a betrayal he may have forgiven his wayward sibling although Cain does not believe so.

Storyteller for Dream

Abel was taken by Dream away from his sister Death, and offered him a place in the Dreaming. He made Abel a storyteller and offered him his own palace to live in. Though despite taking Abel away from his sister, Death offered a countermeasure where they would share the claim over Abel. As such, Abel would be allowed to traverse to and fro from the Dreaming to the Garden of Eden. Abel's position as the storyteller for Dream parallels his brother Cain's own twisted predicament of having to live throughout the entirety of human history and experience all that occurs within it whilst Abel witnesses these events and creates stories out of them.