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The Ab Initio Artifacts, or the Artificium Ab Initio which translates from Latin means the "artifacts from the beginning", are a group of ancient and powerful supernatural artifacts that were said to have been formed during the early stages of the universe when it was still forming.


According to the archangel Gabriel, each of these artifacts are living "codes". Basically, each object carries a coding or equation that holds the key to gaining understanding and later dominion of the universe itself. Once the artifacts are all united, the code is complete. Moreover, it is revealed that once the code to obtaining dominion over the universe is complete, the mathematical equation relating to the understanding of existence within the code can be altered or corrupted by equally powerful means, with the case of that being the Void Sword.

Nyarlathotep elaborates that the code cannot be altered by those of God's creation but instead by those of chaos. Since chaos is an endless distortion of maddening sound and darkness, and one that is outside of God's authority, it is capable of altering the code of the artifacts for more malicious purposes. Nyarlathotep was able to accomplish this by reforming the Void Sword from many events that wrought despair, darkness, and death before mixing the materials of the sword with the codex to create the Anti-Life Equation.



The artifacts were created when God plunged his hand into the waters of Chaos. This paradoxical, momentary union of Order and Chaos inadvertently gave birth to the concepts of Time, and Darkness, along with others which later began to mold themselves into literal artifacts.

Seeing this, God gathered the majority of the artifacts and scattered them across the newly created universe, in order for them to spread their "influence" and bring about the creation of certain constructs which serve as the barriers separating the spiritual, theological, and supernatural from the physical. Once this Firmament was completed, the artifacts were taken by Michael and placed in Heaven.

War in Heaven

When a war broke out in Heaven due to the archangel Lucifer rebelling against God and his brethren, the aftermath of the terrible event caused the artifacts to fall out of Heaven alongside Lucifer and the rebel angels, thus once again creating imbalance and chaos in the world. Because of this, God decided to separate the artifacts from one another and place them in certain domains that are attributed to their power in order for things to be properly balanced once more.

Used by Humans

It is unknown how many artifacts exist, however, there are currently eleven known artifacts spread across the Earth. These artifacts were later discovered by humans, who took a liking to them and used them for their own personal needs. However, the artifacts can only respond to "special" humans, meaning that these humans are individuals who are capable of crossing between the physical and metaphysical without even knowing of it themselves.

Once the artifacts are in the hands of such people, they activate and imbue them with tremendous power, specifically the power that the objects wield and represent as forces of the universe.

Eleven Artifacts

  • Darkness: The artifact of the dark. Once wielded it imbues its host with the power of the darkness and the creatures that roam within it.
  • Angelus: The artifact of the light. It is said to grant its host the power of light which is equal to that of an angel. It is the opposing force of the Darkness.
  • Rapture: The artifact of truth. The rapture is a crucifix-like talisman that has the ability to allow a user to walk through Hell itself for an unknown period of time, as well as reveal the true nature of things. It can also offer hope to the hopeless and can redeem even the souls of the damned.
  • Spear of Destiny: The artifact of foresight. The artifact has the power of foresight and gives its wielder the power to destroy any demon or monster. It is considered a holy relic and is rumored to be the Spear of Longinus.
  • Blood Sword: The artifact of carnage. A powerful Japanese katana that imbues its wielder with great power but at the cost of a lust for destruction. It is believed that the sword contains the soul of a demon.
  • Glacier Stone: The artifact of ice. This arctic talisman can grant the user mighty powers of ice and manipulate it into whatever way they see fit.
  • Ember Stone: The artifact of fire. It is a fiery talisman that gives its wearer the power of fire as well as the fire of life itself. It is opposed by the Glacier Stone.
  • Coin of Solomon: The artifact of insight. It is an artifact that took the shape of a coin and once used by King Solomon himself. It is capable of giving the wielder great regenerative properties to where they can heal from any grievous wounds, even fatal ones.
  • Wheel of Shadows: The artifact of time. It is a mystical talisman that grants its host the power to control time itself.
  • Heart Stone: The artifact of life. It is a heart shaped stone that is capable of granting the user to see the dead, and augment one's abilities.
  • Devil Stone: The artifact of evil. A talisman that is said to contain the evil essence of Evil itself, as well as the corruption that plagues the world. It is said to have the ability to locate the other artifacts and grants those who hold it the power of evil.